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Sat, Feb. 19th, 2005, 10:05 pm
scarlet_ophelia: I'm new...and I bring fic...

Well....thought I'd go ahead and post a fic...its the first fic I've ever written, actually. It just sort of came out of nowhere*shrug*.

Title: Falling

Do you know what its like to fall for a friend?

One day you're friends, studying in the library, chatting in the Great Hall, laughing on the way to Divination.

The next, you're friends, and its the same, but different. Because you suddenly realize you've been noticing things. The way their eyes seem even greener on a sunny day, the way they walk. The way they hold their quill and how they stare absentmindedly out of the window when they think professor Binns isn't looking. But you're still friends. And in a way, that's the worst part.

No, wait, that isn't the worst part. The worst part is when that friend is dating your other friend. Your best friend. The one you would do anything for, because he has done everything for you, even though you didn't deserve it.

He would never fall for the person you like. He's too loyal. He's also been madly in love with the person you've fallen for since first year. So maybe, in a twisted sense, he actually has.

But you can't do anything about it. You certainly can't tell her, or him, or anybody. So you sit, and you watch them. You watch them exchange looks as he touches her crimson hair or kisses her cheek. And you wish you were him as you silently fall even farther. Into what? That's the question, isn't it.

If you've learned anything from nearly seven years of observing the ones around you, its that there are many different ways to love someone. There is his way, his flamboyant, rambunctious, all-encompassing love for the world and for her. There is her way, the sweet, gentle love hiding a passionate fire just beneath the surface. She's a true Gryffindor. She would do anything for the ones she loves, maybe even die for them.

But now and then, when he isn't around, or when you're all sitting in the common room by the fire, you catch her looking at you. And think that maybe, if he wasn't around, you might have a chance. But you put that thought to the back of your mind along with all the other things that are not meant to be, as you rub your arm where the shadow of an old scar lingers.

And you realize that you love her as you howl at the moon.

Sun, Feb. 20th, 2005 04:10 am (UTC)

This is lovely. There isn't enough quality Lily/Remus fanfiction in the world.

Sun, Feb. 20th, 2005 11:37 pm (UTC)

awww thanks =D

Tue, May. 10th, 2005 09:15 am (UTC)

Ah, this is sweetness. It;s exactly what I can imagine happening, though I'm usually a fan of the angstier who-will-I-choose fics. '

Well done!

Tue, May. 10th, 2005 09:16 am (UTC)

Heh. Random grammar is love '!?"