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Sat, Jan. 29th, 2005, 04:14 pm
erised1810: fic: timing

this is for the fic exchange, written for Laucia. I'm sorry for beign so late (not hat I've seen any other entries either but still) ws feeling somewhat bleh yesterday or else I'd be done sooner. alright.

Title: Timing
Author: Selune
Rating: Definitly pg-13
Summary: Lily and Remsu board the Hogwarts Express and take the first few steps in life as a prefect.

He'd seen the ritual last year, when he wasn't on the platform yet. She'd first hug her parents, and then her sister, who would try to back away from her and look terribly embarrassed. There he stood with his suitcase, feeling rather stupid as she appeared through the gate, pushing a small cart and walking right up to him.

"Remus, there you are!" she called out. "I was already looking for you."

Two arms aroudnd him and a light kiss on hsi cheek. Then she stood opposite him and pointed at her badge, and then at his. "Fantastic!" She called out, "congratulations."

"I'm not surprised that they chose you," Remus said clamly, "not at all."

"But how about you yourself," Lily said, putting the small suitcase on her cart and walking to one of the entrances with the smallest line.

"I still can't believe it," Remus sighed. "It's nonsense, really. What makes them think I can keep a whole body of gryffindor students under controle."

"You have me," said Lily, putting a hand on his arm and grinning widely. "Come on, I can't wait to meet with the others."

Apparently she'd learned the whole list of instructions by heart. She talked eagerly about everything they were supposed to do today, and all the duties that were waiting for them during this year.

"And then next year," she concluded as they finally opened the prefects' compartment, "It's up to Dumbledore again to decide if he still wants us as prefects.

"Perhaps you'll be a Head Girl," Remus ventured ass he opened the door. "You'd do fantastic showing first years around the school on their first day."

She stopped as he walked in.

"What a great idea," she said. "We'll have to keep that in mind. "Then she waved at the others sitting there. "Hello every one!" She glanced around the compartment, then looked back at Remus. Some people mumbled a greeting, others were merely sipping pumpkin juice and staring out of the window.

He cleared his throat and some of the prefects greeted him. Then the oldest stood up and ordered them to put away their luggage and sit down.

"that has to be a ravenclaw," Lily said. Remus didn't know why it made him laugh at all.

It was easy to wink at her sometimes as they listened to a rather long lecture. The trolley with candy was waved away too fast for either of them to buy something.

"James and Sirius will have enough," Remus whispered, "and besides, I'm not hungry at all."

"I don't like this food anyway," Lily said. "Mrs Potter always makes cakes for him, and sirius...well he once did say there's a special pantry he raids the night before..."

Remus knew about it, and nodded, trhying to hold back his laughter. It was all he could do while a loud "Shhh," rang through the compartment and one of two owls flew up.

"Alright then,' the boy finally said, "Off you go to your rounds."

Everyone stood up at once. "Bags and suitcases will be safe here," the boy continued.

"And the pats can talk among themselves," a girl interrupted.

Lily pushed open the door and waited for Remus to follow her out.

"Remember," the girl called after them, "Be fair to all the houses and don't deduct or give points for nothing."

"As if we didn't know," Remus mumbled. "We've got McGonagall as an example."

"Exactly," Lily said a bit too loudly, "She,s the best head of house you can get."

He grinned as a few ravenclaws passed by and frowned at her.

"Oh come on, Flitwick," she giggled. And she poked Remus. "Do you remember how I couldn't stop laughing when we first had charms from him?"

Remus did remember, and laughed out loud. But then their attention was drawn to something else.

"Hey, leave it!" someone yelled through the closed door of a compartment. "That's mine!"

"Aha," Remus said, feeling excited at once. He stepped closer to Lily and gave her a meaningful look. "That's going to be a quarrel," he said, "and if we don't interfere in time, it'll become a fight."

She swallowed something. "Well then, let's get in," she said, hurrying passed him. But Remus grabbed her shoulder. "Timing is the key here," he said.

"You talk as if you've done this before," she said. She sounded almost in awe. Oh that look on her face, the same one she'd given him when he'd worked his way through a rather complex answer to a question in class.

"We bought these together," the other boy shouted, "and we said we'd split the costs too, so they're ours."

"Well then," the other boy gave back, "Where's your half of the money. I bet you don't have a single galleon on you." There was a short pose. "I'm right am I?" the boy continued. "Am I right?"

"Now," Remus whispered, and he opened the door, clearing his throat.

"Good morning everyone," he said. The two boys were the only ones in the room and they stared at him. Lily walked forward as well, shaking her head when she saw the mess of wrappers and parchments on the floor.

"Is this place reserved for you two alone?" she asked.

The boys looked at her. One of them was clearly chewing some sweets.

"You're prefects," he finally gasped. The other boy scowled and kicked him under the seat.

"And what if they are?" he said. "We've got the right to sit here and eat our candy."

"I don't care if no-one enters here or if you're expecting friends at all," Lily said, "just be sure to pick up your wands and clean up this mess before we're in hogsmeade."

"There's house elves for that," the boy said with amouthful. And by the way, there's one rule here that says there's no magic allowed on this train."

Remus blinked.

"That's no good reason for any of us not to use our own hands," he said, glancing quickly at Lily.

"Alright then," the other boy said, gathering all the stuff on their seats together and stuffing the tiny dust bin with scraps of parchment and chocolate frog cards.
There was enough still on the floor, but Remus decided to ignore that for now.

"So," the boy said. "Any points taken from Hufflepuff for this?"

Lily blinked and Remus was firs to come up with suitable words again.

"No," he said. "Unless you continue the silly quarrel we heard when we opened this door and star to fight for real over these." He pointed at a pile of pumpkin patties that was almost as large as what Sirius and James sometimes shared in their compartment.

The boys sighed. "Alright," one of them said. "It's my treat this time."

"I'll find something fantastic in Hogsmead," the other boy replied. "If you care at all for a tour that is."

Lily looked at Remus, and he knew she was thinking the same thought, perhaps at exactly the same moment as he. Those two were very close friends.

"Right," he said, "any further problems or questions?"

The boys mumbled something and shook their heads. "Good," Lily said. "Good-bye then," she added, and walked to the door.

"Hmm," one of the boys said, looking at Remus at once. "Looks like you could use something to pep you up."

"No thank you," Remus said hastily. But one of the boys took out a few cauldron cakes wrapped in silvery paper and threw one his way. He caught it with one hand and felt his stomach rumble at once.

"Wow," the boy said. "You should try out for a chaser position."

"I don't like Quiditch," Remus said as he walked to the door. Suddenly he knew how much he didn't sound like the stern and dutiful prefect any more. Lily quickly opened the door. "Thank you," Remus said before he walked out again.

He sighed as they walked away.

Remus stopped her inbetween another two compartments and tried to split the cauldron cake in two. It tasted fantastic. This certainly wasn't from the trolley. "Home-made," Lily said with a moouthful. "Just like the ones from the three broomsticks!"

Remus savoured the taste of this and felt strangely proud when he saw her enjoying it so much. But as soon as she was finished, her face fell.

"Weren't we fantastic," she said in a somewhat hollow voice. "We're such a great pair."

"You did a good job," Remus said. He also knew it had made him feel a great deal more confident about his own abilities, but he was sure she would never want to hear about that.

"Oh forget it," she snapped. "We're rediculous. Acting as if we're the king and queen of the Hogwarts Express."

It felt good. It felt very good to know she still wanted to open up to him about her feelings. It had become like this near the end of their forth year and he was glad this summer apart hadn't taken all of that trust and friendship away.

"Why are you still so insecure," he said at once. He moved fcloser and put an arm around her shoulders. They leaned against the wall for support and he searched for her hand. He held it and gave it a soft squeeze, and Lily looked from the wall to their hands and then into his eyes.

"I'm glad you are the other prefect," she said softly. He raised his eyebrows. "Really," she continued, "It's far better to do all this with you than with...with James or Sirius for instance, or one of the girls from my dormitory." She glared in the opposite direction. "I think you'll know how to keep me on my feet," she said, "how to keep me from making a fool of myself."

"You won't," Remus said. "And that has nothing to do with me. You've never made a fool of yourself Lily." He looked closely at her. "You're brilliant," he said. And he knew those were the words she'd said to him herself sometimes, but he didn't know how else to describe her now. What would his father call this? Mutual respect? There was a line of thoughts he wanted to follow, but something else distracted him completely. He felt two soft lips touching his nose at ones, and then moving down until they reached his own lips. And then the other sounds in the train seemed to fade and she was leaning against him and he wrapped his arms around her. She searched out his hand and took it, directing it towards her own body. She made it touch her right breast, and he felt it briefly. It gave him very new and unusual feelings, and although there was a sense of shock and surprise that made him feel a bit uncomfortable, he tried his best to hide it. He felt the tension in her body and wanted it to be released, wanted her to relax in his arms again and lean comfortably against his body. All he could do was kiss her back, and move his hand to her other breast and softly touch them both a few times, untiil it suddenly was far too much for him to comprehend at once.

Moments later, he broke away and stared at her.

"Why did you do that?" he asked softly, knowing how awkward it sounded. He was sure she would be offended by the mere idea of him not noticing the litle spark, the strange connection that had formed and that always seemed to hover between friendship and a bit more than that.

"Timing is the key," she said. "I could have just as well said thank you, but you see..." she laughed softly and looked away. "I like it when you look so surprised."

He laughed shortly. Of everything he'd expected of this little talk, this was the last direction he'd thought it would go.

But she stood upstraight again and stretched, her hands high above her head.

"Don't think too much about it," she said. "Come, we're in the middle of the train now, and we'll have to make it all the way to the back before the journey is over."

"Really?" Remus asked. It was surprising how easily they could both change the subject and follow the other's lead again. "We'll meet friends along the way, you know," he continued.

"Sirius and James you mean," Lily said. "Well, we'll see if they're on their best behaviour and if not...we'll just have to do as we're instructed."

They walked on and Remus sighed. He knew it was going to be difficult. He knew more than a few traits of his friends that could get them in trouble. He also knew there was a choice to be made between joining in the fun and saving them from detentions. He cringed suddenly at the mere idea of taking points from Sirius or James. They would either laugh it off or be incredibly angry with him.

"Don't think about it Remus," Lily said, and it was as if she'd read his h oughts. "I'll help you throug hit. We'll help each other through it."
Her hand was on his shoulder again and he felt relieved, just as relieved as she seemed to feel about the fact that they were the two and not paired up with someone else. If it had been anyone but her joining him, it would have been hell. He was sure he'd have sent an owl and declined. But through the rest of the journey, while he walked through the train with Lily, and talked with almost everyone they met, and helped comforting some of the smaller students and chasing the usual fears away, he began to feel excited at the prospect of a whole year of doing all hgese thignswith Lily. All these prefect duties, and perhaps more than that. From this day until the OWL exams were over, life was going to be fantastic.
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